School Holidays


On the school holidays i slept in alot at jacks for the first week we got gta v an finished it. We were always on the tramoline doing backflips then i slept at isaacs house we watched ninja assassin an the walking dead. my holidays was very plain but i enjoyed it.

Drama Reflection


What is a neutral stance? a neutral stance is when you stand still an dont make any movment

Why is the body a important tool? because actors use there body to proform

What did you enjoy about todays lession? whatching other people proform

What did you find challenging about todays activity? it was hard to make up a act



Hi y name is Jordan Hoggan I am in 7f I have made new friends an am enjoying my classes I dont really like sose cause we always get lots of homework an I dont really like history. My favourite subjects are P.E and maths I have a girlfriend that is in year ten her name  is Jess I like highschool better than primary school I also like cooking but im not that good at it. I wear leg wheights that are 2.5lb an I never were shorts at school an I am in childers. I am thirteen an I have to enoying brothers I love witching pewdiepie an sleeping in every day I get up at 5:30 am an walk through the race coars.

Hello world!


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